Success is always collaborative and never individual. Meet the kickass Five Question Series gang always on the lookout for the next big inspiration.

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Q1. Why did you start Five Question Series?

‘How do they do that?’ is one of my favorite phrases. Whether it’s Steve Jobs’ incredible legacy or my program director’s superhuman strength to do 100 things in a day,  I am always wondering how successful and inspiring people do what they do. Five Question Series is an attempt to answer that insatiable question.

Q2. Describe yourself in five words/sentences?

I am an Indian. Living & studying (lifestyle media) in Toronto. Love and obsessed with books and dogs. Work as the head of social media at a Toronto-based agritech start-up. Someday hope to make every living soul realize that the glass is, indeed, half full.

Q3. What are your words to live by? What is your biggest fear?

Be Curious are my words to live by.
Death is my biggest fear.

Q4. What was the key life event that pushed you to start 5Qs?

I liked the boy more > than he liked me = heartbreak
As I nursed my bruised heart (every day sob-sniff sessions), magic happened on Christmas eve, precisely at a gathering at Niagara, Toronto. I met an old soul in a young body, who encouraged me to do my own thing; which is to seek stories, share them, and keep on writing whether anyone’s reading them or not.

Q5. On what basis do people get profiled on 5qs?

On the basis of their inspiration-meter. 5Qs stories are of people I look up to, who I then look up on the internet and get in touch with. Currently featuring Toronto edition.


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