A woman in a pearl necklace and a dress.

Megan Hutchings: ‘As an actor, you have to keep going, never give up or give in to constant rejection’

Dog wearing a cute, frilly dress.

Queen Clochette: Tiny, little wonderful beast

Samyuktha K. (Taking a great leap of faith)

Shipra Singh Sheshodia (‘He’ll always be a part of me’)

Meghna Dundi (Meat-eating Animal Lover)

Alicia Souza (Loss, Life & Lessons)

Gemma Correll (Introverted & always covered in pug hair)

{Class of 2016-17} Shayanna Seymour: ‘Things have a way of working out for the best’

Priyanka Praveen (‘There is no painless way to say goodbye’)