If you grew up in an Indian family like me, chances are you didn’t have very many career options apart from becoming a:

a) Doctor
b) Engineer
c) All of the above

Turns out I didn’t want to be either of the two. Science confused me; Math made me want to cry. And my life goal was never to be a sobbing-blubbering mess. As expected, my decision to study journalism didn’t go down well with my hyper-practical, hardworking parents. In the end, thankfully, I never did end up becoming a doctor or an engineer.

Turns out it’s okay to not accept things if you are not okay with them. It’s okay to trust your gut, even if it’s a mistake. As a friend once said, it’s your intention that matters, not popular opinion: “Before I started my company, I was working at a job where I was asked to promote anything that came across my desk. I knew in my gut that it didn’t feel right… so I decided to take a leap and start my own company. My intention was never to grow an agency, rather it was to do meaningful work that I was passionate about.”

Fortunately, trusting her gut never proved to be a  mistake for Courtney Taylor, modern day psychic.

I know what you are thinking… actually, no, I don’t know, but I can guess. I am guessing on the topic of psychic medium + spiritual teaching + energy healing we might strongly disagree. Turns out it’s okay to not accept what brings the other person tremendous joy. The loss is ours, after all, isn’t it?

Q1. What has been some events from your life that in retrospect were a blessing in disguise?

This is a good one. We have to pass our lessons to get the rewards; if we don’t get through the lesson, the lesson keeps repeating. I’ve had a lot of blessing-in-disguise moments, and in my work, I call this spiritual intervention. Mine are:

When I was transitioning into my career just before I started honoring my gifts, I was in a line of work I was very unhappy with. I kept telling myself I would make changes, but I avoided until I hit a low and lost everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. I was angry with my guides and the universe, but really they were pushing me towards bigger and better things. I have so much gratitude now looking back.

A few years ago, my dad had a brain aneurysm. It has been extremely challenging for my whole family as he needs full-time care. My faith in Spiritualism was tested the night I got that call. The incident brought me and my brothers so much closer and my dad made it through even though the odds were against him.

I was in a relationship that was not serving me, and it went on for quite a long time. When I let the person go, absolutely everything in my life started to fall into place.

The lesson here is to feed energy into you, your work and your journey and you will
get that all back in rewards.

Before I was headhunted by one of the largest psychic networks, I was working for a much smaller psychic line. I ended up losing this opportunity because a client tried to talk to me outside of work. I was crushed, but not long after, I got one of the biggest calls in my career! This really was a blessing in disguise, although who likes getting fired? Ouch.

For a more recent example, I had my heart set on this beautiful condo, and everything was ready to go, I just had to sign the lease. Something didn’t feel right, and I felt like something was off. The next day I got a call that one of the water pipes burst and there was a flood in the home due to which it was going to be unlivable.

Q2. From social work to public relations and eventually, psychic medium (+ energy healing and spiritual teaching), how did the transition happen?

I had never felt fulfilled in any of the jobs or companies I had been working for until I started using my gifts. I hit a low and was struggling with depression and my mental health. I had come across a psychic medium at an event, who asked me why I wasn’t using my gifts. Everything after that moment changed; it was a HUGE wake-up call.

Q3. What does it mean to be a psychic medium?

Everyone has intuition, but not
everyone chooses to use or listen to it.

When a client sees me for a session whether that be over the phone, over chat or in person, I ask for a name, and I take off from there. I consider myself a no-tools reader and most of the information I get just comes to me! I still get as giddy now as I did the first time a client prediction pulled through. It’s just as exciting for me as it is for you!

Q4. What helped you realize that your current profession is the one meant for you?

I always knew that I could see spirits and it never really did scare me, I just accepted it and thought it was the norm. I would say that I was often challenged because I’m so empathic and that’s hard as a child. I feel absolutely everything from physical symptoms to emotions and even get red flags when something unfortunate is about to happen.

As a child, I was someone who
got bullied, I was the girl who felt out of place; I never felt like I fit in until I was much older, and my gifts developed.

Q5. What is the general and stereotypical perception of people towards your career choice?

There are a lot of skeptics, and that is a struggle I face every day. I prove myself through the trust I build with my clients and through the experiences people have when they come to see me.

There have been times when I ’ve stopped
people in public to deliver messages. Thankfully, I usually get tears and thank yous, but it could easily go the other way!

I trust my gifts, the messages I receive, and I love my spirit team. Most importantly, my friends and family support me and anyone else who doesn’t, I don’t give my energy to. The word psychic has a lot of stereotypes attached to it, and I like to refer to myself as the “modern-day psychic.” It isn’t crystal balls, fairs, tarot cards and witchcraft. That is such a myth!

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Born and raised in India, Anisha Dhiman moved to Toronto to study Publishing and then Lifestyle Media at Centennial College. Writer, social media strategist and content creator, Anisha is the founder of Five Question Series, where she profiles people… you guessed it, by asking five questions. In her free time, she enjoys reading and trolling people with puppy GIFs and memes. Her only phobia? Losing her sight, but staring at the screen all day long doesn’t help much.

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March 22, 2018

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