A kindred spirit, successful entrepreneur, dog lover, drop-dead gorgeous and inspiring AF, Sharon Stokes is a life fulfillment coach—a profession she is very good at, one I had no clue about until she came to our Lifestyle Media class for a guest session. On how to have a successful and authentic business, my biggest takeaway, one I didn’t feel was even up for consideration was: “Embrace your vulnerability”. Considering how we wade through life pretending to be Wonder Woman and Superman, it was surprising to learn that a business should be supported not just by our strengths, but should be made more real even during those times when we feel most alone. Active on social media, where she posts beautiful words of wisdom, this one is by far my favorite:

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Q1. What are five things you do every day that keeps you focussed and in control?

When it comes to feeling focused I would have to say fitness is huge for me. If I don’t get my workout/yoga in I feel sluggish all day. Another thing that keeps me focused is having a game plan for that day. Knowing exactly what I’m going to be spending my energy on. Also, eating breakfast (my signature green smoothie), listening to music that pumps me up and having a clean workspace to work in.

Q2. Before you became a life fulfillment coach, what was that one piece of advice that turned your life upside down?

I would say the one piece of advice that changed my life in a good way was “just do stuff, cause stuff leads to other stuff.” Haha. It sounds so silly but that has stuck with me. It really helps to keep me going in everything I’m creating.

Q3. As a life fulfillment coach, what’s one success story most dear to you?

This is tough because it’s amazing to see all the wonderful things my clients have achieved since working with them. There is one client though who has completely changed her life and has grown in unbelievable ways when it comes to her self-awareness and confidence. She says she always hears my voice in the back of her head when she finds herself struggling with something. I love hearing that.

Q4. Growing up, what was the biggest insecurity you dealt with? What are you trying to overcome now?

My biggest insecurity growing up was that I never felt I fit in anywhere. To be honest, that’s probably still something I struggle to overcome. I like that I’m different and I feel I have the ability to help people because I see things differently than most people. However, it can feel lonely at times.

Q5. Your little dog Lucy!!! How did you know she was the one you had to get home, and how has she changed your life?

Lucy is the absolute love of my life! The moment we met there was no way I was going home without her! She’s a very special dog who instantly brings a smile to anyone who meets her. She’s everyone’s BFF. Working from home it’s so nice to have her company. It’s also nice to feel like I’m not completely talking to myself most of the time. Lol.

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Born and raised in India, Anisha Dhiman moved to Toronto to study Publishing and then Lifestyle Media at Centennial College. Writer, social media strategist and content creator, Anisha is the founder of Five Question Series, where she profiles people… you guessed it, by asking five questions. In her free time, she enjoys reading and trolling people with puppy GIFs and memes. Her only phobia? Losing her sight, but staring at the screen all day long doesn’t help much.

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October 7, 2017

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