Arun Daniel Yellamaty, or Yellamaty as I often call him, was the first guy I spoke to when I was being interviewed at my previous workplace. As I sat through the written interview, he struck up a conversation even though I barely knew him. (or was barely interested, ha!) That’s what makes Yellamaty special. Not only does he know how to put you at ease, but he can speak to anyone and everyone in a room full of people he has never even met or spoken to before. And let’s not forget his award-winning Foundation that continues to inspire people across the world. AND the fact that he is back to school, not only studying but also teaching. AND he has his own events’ management company. Wow! I don’t know how he does all of that and still has time to call me every week. 10,000 cups of coffee?

Three things about Yellamaty that will make you respect him even more:

  • “Life has always been super tough and challenging, not many people know that I was raised by a single mother, who looked after five of us.”
  • “My first job was when I was 18 years old. I was a delivery boy at Domino’s Pizza; after that, I joined a call center to pay for my school and university—my parents helped me, of course, but I had to work for the rest.”
  • “By God’s grace,  I got a job (Deccan Chronicle newspaper) right after college. It was during this time Youngistaan Foundation came along. The, I decided to do my Masters in Social Work to help me with my Foundation.”
Q1. One of the biggest regrets of your life?
Well, I have no regrets actually. Every single decision I have made, whether good or bad, has taught me numerous lessons and made me stronger and a better person.

Q2. One of the most rewarding moments since you started Youngistaan Foundation?
Wow, this is a tough one to answer because there are so many. Youngistaan Foundation was an endeavor to get me and my friends out of our comfort zones so that we could help the needy people who are often ignored. And now it has become my full-time volunteer work; we run four active programs with the help of some super talented and humble volunteers, and we have so far fed close to 5,00,000 homeless people. We have also rehabilitated abandoned old people and rescued missing children and organized many special drives. At the moment, we mentor 200 underprivileged children from slums and government schools.

Q3. What’s one change that you incorporated in your life recently?
Time management! I do so many things and get myself involved in way more things than required. So my recent learning has been learning to say ‘no’.

Q4. If you were to encapsulate what life has taught you so far…

– Not to give up in life, no matter what you go through.
– Work hard and create opportunities.
– Be kind and help people.
– Believe anything is possible.
– Trust God is working on you and for you.

Q5. Having so many hobbies and interests, do you sometimes feel it’s more of a curse than a blessing as you are being pulled in so many different directions?
HAHA… you mean like being a ‘jack of all trades’ and master of none? Well honestly, I love multitasking.

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Born and raised in India, Anisha Dhiman moved to Toronto to study Publishing and then Lifestyle Media at Centennial College. Writer, social media strategist and content creator, Anisha is the founder of Five Question Series, where she profiles people… you guessed it, by asking five questions. In her free time, she enjoys reading and trolling people with puppy GIFs and memes. Her only phobia? Losing her sight, but staring at the screen all day long doesn’t help much.

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March 10, 2017

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